Proactive Property Management

Proactive Property Management

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Proactive Property Management is a hands on proactive property management company devoted to providing our Tenants with professional management of the Home they are Renting. Our goal is to provide the Tenant an Affordable Clean and Safe Home to live in.

We have over 25 years of property management experience.

Proactive Property Management will perform  , application process and background checks, leases, maintenance and repairs,landscaping, utilities, rent collection, periodic inspections, notices to the tenant(s)/resident(s) and will contract an attorney if it becomes necessary to evict any tenant(s)/resident(s).

Our property management team will respond to any of our tenant(s)/resident(s) needs or problems in a prudent timely manner. We are dedicated to resolving any and all problems for our tenant(s)/resident(s) for their comfort and safety.
We only Manage our own properties and do not solicit Clients. 


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